Places to Go in Russell County KY 

Places to Go and Things to Do in Russell County KY   

Places to Go
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The following links take you to some of the
beautiful places we have to visit in the area. I have
heard Kentucky referred to as God's country on
more than one occasion, and must agree. Kentucky
is rich in natural resources, wildlife, awesome
scenery, and more. There are many places to go,
many times for free, and you can  enjoy the natural
beauty and interact with nature. There's also other
activities to enjoy.

Creelsboro Natural Bridge
Also known as the Rock House, we have the
seventh longest natural bridge in the United
States.There are some trails to hike, and if you are
tough, you can climb to the top. It is located  near
Creelsboro just off of 1068. For more information
you can click

Lake Cumberland State Resort Park
A beautiful state park with abundant wildlife, amazing
scenery, and activities planned through the year.
Located on State Park Road off of Hwy 127. From
Russell Springs or Jamestown just head south on
Hwy 127.  Click
HERE for more information.

Wolf Creek Fish Hatchery
One of my favorites, we have visited many times. It's
located south of the State Park on Hwy 127at the Wolf
Creek Dam. See many tanks of fish in different stages
of developement. Visit the Educational Center for videos
and displays. Meet the live skunk who greets every
new visitor at the door!

Click HERE and HERE for more information.

Jamestown City Park
Located on Park Avenue In Jamestown, it offers baseball
fields,a basketball court, tennis courts, a skating area,
picnic pavillion, and two playground areas with swings,
slides, and monkey bars and other climbing choices.
Pictures coming soon!

Russell Springs City Park
Located ____ and boasts a little more space than
Jamestown as well as the ball fields, playground areas,
basketball court, picnic pavillions, and a public pool! You
can call them for more

information at 270-866-6402. Find out more about
swimming activities at  THIS LINK.
Good Times Skate Center
Located in Key Village Plaza on Lakeway Drive in Russell
Springs, Good Times is a very popular spot for weekend
activities plus more. Learn more about them, get their
schedule and other information by clicking

Key Twin Cinema
Located in the Key Village Shopping Center on Lakeway
Drive in Russell Springs, you can choose between two
of the latest movies out.
You CLICK HERE  to see what's playing, or call
(270) 866-3080 and an automatic message will tell you!

Star Theater
Historic Star Theater was at one time a movie house,
then through the work of the Russell County Arts
Council it was renovated and is now an awesome live
performance theater. You can go there to watch

live plays, or to pursue you acting career by getting
in the production of the plays! Learn more
about the Star